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The company FRETEX - International Transport & Logistics Freight Express - is an organization that specializes in industrial air transport and the urgent cargo.

Our services are the result of an experience of nearly 10 years in the air cargo, in consideration of the critical parameter and emergency management in order to meet the needs of our clients as our partners.

The objective of the FRETEX team, in addition to qualitatively and competitively meet the different needs of its customers, is to develop a personalized and exclusive service. Our services are so dedicated. We then carry logically special attention in maintaining our reliability.

Aspiring to the development and the mastery of the field of International Transport and Logistics Air Freight Express, the FRETEX Company has established a team of ambitious and committed operators, ensuring their polyvalent profiles, a privileged and dedicated relationship between customer and carrier providing the ability and the advantage of being closer to the conditions of transport of their goods.

Today the polyvalence and flexibility of the FRETEX Company allowed it to combine skills and competitiveness; its services are the result of a study of all relevant expectations for the transport of any type of product. Quality, Promptness, monitoring operations, flexibility and availability, cost optimization are the key words to ensure full customer satisfaction.

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Beyond its seriousness and professionalism, the FRETEX Company has built its reputation primarily on its liability to honor all its commitments towards its customers, partners as well as its suppliers.